Thursday, May 19, 2016

Incredible footage captures plane crash

“Get the f**k out!” – Incredible GoPro footage captures the moment a Cessna plane carrying 17 skydivers has a mechanical malfunction and crashes into a vineyard!

Passengers are calling the pilot of a plane a hero after the aircraft crashed in a vineyard. All 17 passengers onboard walked away unscathed. The pilot only had a bloody nose. GoPro video from the helmet of one of the passengers shows the plane barreling toward the ground as a truck skirts right past the nose of the plane. The plane clips the back end of the truck before cartwheeling and landing upside down in a vineyard off of Jahant Road. “He saved my life. He saved 17 lives, ” said passenger Brandon Aleshire, a navy veteran.

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Incredible footage captures plane crash


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